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This site is a Speakeasy. Within a few reasonable (if arbitrary) limits, anyone is welcome to post pretty much anything here.

I don’t want porn, any kind of abuse that doesn’t have a point to it, advertising, spam, clickbait, or any other unnecessary rubbish. There are plenty of sites catering for that stuff already.

Feel free to post political correctness, but be advised that it will more than likely be ripped to shreds, along with the poster. Topics covered will be wide-ranging and often controversial, and debate and discussion are likely to be robust in nature. This is not a place for snowflakes.

One focus of this site, and of the community it envisages, will be the promotion of positive ideas. Argument is well and good, but the world is filled with negativity and conflict – and these won’t get us anywhere. Now is the time for good people everywhere to combine their energies, and direct their thoughts, towards methods and solutions that will make life better for everyone – us, our families and communities, our nations, and of course the Earth our Mother, and all who share her with us. Offer your best here, your new and different ideas, your lateral thinking, your flashes of inspiration and genius. Offer the olive branch, pay it forward, embrace and tolerate the grumpy among us. We’re all in this together, and fighting to no purpose is a waste of time and energy.

You own what you post. If you defame someone, or otherwise break any applicable laws, it’s you who will be in the gun. Use bad language if you must, but bear in mind how doing that makes you look to others.

This site is located in the United Kingdom. Please be aware of that if you choose to post anything that breaks the laws of the jurisdiction that you are in, such as breaching Court suppression orders.

Registration is required for anyone wanting to post here. It is free to do so, and all personal details are protected by our privacy policy. Members must register under their own names. Screen names MAY be allowed if I consider you have sufficient good reason for not wanting your identity publicly visible.

This is my train set, and I reserve the right to chuck my toys out of the cot for no adequately explained reason.

Have fun!

Richard Prosser

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