The Unpalatable Truth regarding Jacinda Ardern and the Con-vid 19 Plandemic

Everything you have been told, about New Zealand’s Prime Minister, is a lie.

The woman who has been feted globally, by an adoring mainstream international media, fawning internationalist organisations, from NGOs to the UN and its myriad offshoots, and legions of star-struck acolytes alike, as the Snow White of modern world politics, is, in fact, the Evil Stepmother Queen in disguise – and she has been all along.

Preposterous? Impossible? No, I’m afraid it’s true.

Yes, this ‘pandemic’ IS a Plandemic.

Yes, it is deliberate.

Yes, it has been orchestrated by multiple Governments, across the developed world, working in concert, to a long pre-planned agenda. And Jacinda Ardern, former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth (right before she first became an MP, and not long after she’d spent a couple of years as a senior advisor in Tony Blair’s spin department), has been a key player in it for a decade-and-a-half.

Yes, they are doing this at the behest of a global financial cartel who own the world’s commercial banking sector, and who own and control the world’s media, and who own and control the corporations that monopolise agriculture, military materiel production, and utilities, including oil, electricity, telecommunications, and even water.

They – the Governmental players – are doing this because they have been offered the continuation of their own political power and privilege within this new order, and because they support the aims of this cartel themselves, at an ideological level.

Yes, their goal is a great reduction in the population of the developed world, and the virtual enslavement of the remainder, within a totalitarian surveillance One World Police State; having one Government, one currency, and one recognised authority.

Yes, I’m afraid it’s so. All the above is true.

This is The Big One, people. It is happening. It has begun. We are living the beginnings of it.

Is Con-vid 19 the highly dangerous virus we have been told it is?

No, Con-vid 19 is not actually very dangerous at all. At worst it lies somewhere in between a bad cold and a mild flu, though almost everyone who encounters it will experience little to nothing in the way of symptoms. The few who do experience symptoms, will only have very mild symptoms. And for almost all the rest, very effective treatment exists, via very simple medications. These include vitamin C, zinc, and the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which is rapidly being made illegal in such jurisdictions as are under the sway of the above mentioned collaborators, and ridiculed across the board.

Only a tiny fraction, of one percent, of people infected with Con-vid 19, will die because of it, and all but a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction, have one or more significant other health problems.

The terrible danger we have been sold, regarding Con-vid 19, is a complete and utter fabrication. It’s one of those lies that is so huge, that people believe it because they can’t comprehend that it could be fake.

However everyone who encounters Con-vid will subsequently carry antibodies, meaning that they will ‘test positive’.

Of course they might well be testing positive for one of the other several hundred coronaviruses in circulation, perhaps even one of the seven known to infect humans, including the one that causes the common cold; or they might not be tested at all, but rather, fall into the category of ‘presumed’, which is huge, and getting bigger all the time.

This will be used as justification for the forced vaccination of entire populations. Yes, this is part of the plan. You will be vaccinated – well, injected with something, at any rate – regardless of your wishes.

No, the ‘vaccine’ will not be anything that can afford you protection against the scary coronavirus. You don’t need a vaccine against the scary coronavirus, and creating a vaccine against a coronavirus is not possible anyway. This proposition is a lie. That is all it is; a lie. Yes, they are lying to you. Yes, Jacinda is lying to you – and smiling while she does.

What the vaccine is, indeed what the ‘virus’ itself is, is an excuse to force you to comply, with a regime that requires you to carry, at all times, a unique electronic identifier, by which your movements and interactions can be tracked and traced at all times. This electronic ID may be in the form of a Bluetooth enabled card, or a phone App, or, ideally from their point of view, an RFID chip embedded in your body.

Yes, all the above is true. Yes, it is happening.

There is a second disease being circulated in parallel with Con-vid 19. It is very much more nasty than the more common one, and it can be lethal. This nasty form is much less transmissible, but it can, and has been, used in a targeted manner against certain populations and individuals. However, it is also able to be very easily and effectively treated via simple means and medications (these are the ones that are being simultaneously ridiculed and made illegal).

Again, there is no need for, or even the possibility of, a genuine ‘vaccine’ for this actually nasty bug that shares a name with Con-vid 19. Again, that is a lie.

Are lockdowns and social distancing the right way to deal with such a virus anyway?


There has never been any need for anyone to be placed under lockdown, whether it was legal or not. In New Zealand it wasn’t, but Jacinda and her government did it anyway, and the New Zealand Police enforced it anyway.

There has never been any need for social distancing. These two measures are all about instilling fear and enforcing control. They have been instigated to break economies and make populations reliant on handouts of fake money created by Governments.

They have also been instigated in order to break social cohesion, to make people distrusting of others, and force dependency on The State as “your sole source of truth” – words straight from George Orwell, and also straight from Jacinda Ardern’s mouth. Yes, she said that.

Lockdown and social distancing is not only unnecessary, but actually counterproductive, where immunity to disease is concerned. Human immune systems are exercised and strengthened through exposure to multiple threats, not weakened. Exposure to multiple threats is the ONLY means by which the immune system is made stronger. Hiding from threats does not make them go away – all it does is prevent the immune system from becoming able to counter them.

Yes, all the above is true. Yes, it is happening.

Yes, it is a conspiracy. Yes, your Governments are lying to you. Yes, it is happening. Yes, this is The Big One. And yes, it is about to get real, and get worse, and by that I don’t mean the scary virus – though they will attempt to roll the nastier version out on a larger scale, shortly.

One means by which they will attempt to spread the nastier disease, is by putting it into the ‘vaccine’ for the very mild one.

This Plandemic is the final push by the New World Order to impose total control over the peoples of the developed world. It is fake, it is a conspiracy, it is a lie, it is based in fear and misinformation, and if you allow it to continue, it will spell the end of freedom, democracy, and society as we have known them.

Yes, all the above is true. It is real. It is happening. And both Jacinda Ardern, and the media – and other useful idiots (even the ones who haven’t been bribed with $50 million of the aforementioned fake money) – who fawn at her feet, and spread lies, have been central to it from the very beginning.

Judge Snow White by her actions, and by that I don’t mean the stage-managed public appearances.

Snow White wouldn’t disregard the law, and impose draconian restrictions on people’s lives, businesses, and movements, in spite of it.

Snow White wouldn’t deliberately vote AGAINST a proposed amendment to an abortion law, that sought to mandate medical help being provided to foetuses that survive the abortion process.

Snow White wouldn’t issue illegal-but-Police-enforced edicts, preventing a husband from visiting his dying wife because of a fake Plandemic, or a son from visiting his dying mother because of a fake Plandemic.

Snow White wouldn’t watch silently while New Zealand’s suicide rate quintupled because of an illegal lockdown that she had decreed, in response to a fake Plandemic that she had helped to organise, on behalf of an evil totalitarian global regime to which she had willingly sold her soul.

Snow White wouldn’t delay an election because of a Plandemic that she knew to be fake, because she’d been involved in orchestrating it.

Snow White wouldn’t do those things, but a sociopathic ideologue, for whom smiles and compassion are just stage make-up, might. A narcissistic con-artist might do those things. A cynical megalomaniac might do those things. A totalitarian Marxist might do those things.

But then Jacinda Ardern has never been Snow White, and her supporters have been had. I wouldn’t blame them for feeling just a little bit, you know, betrayed.

Wake up.

– Richard Prosser

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